Pleated Skirts Are Back!

If you're like me, then you're patiently anticipating the coming of spring! Spring fashion, spring weather, and springtime activities, and what better way to welcome one of my favorite seasons than sporting a pleated skirt.

I was so excited to catch this teal-green, pleated skirt for such a bargain, at Target, for ONLY $8.68! Can you believe it?

It's such a light-weight skirt, that comes just above the ankles, and did I mention how soft it is?

I decided to pair it with a brown Fedora, which I purchased about 2-months ago from Target. I wanted to make sure that I wore it with the perfect outfit since it was my first one.

My long sleeve, black/white striped v-neck is also from Target, on sale for only $5! I love it because it's just a simple tee that can be worn in so many different ways.

My favorite piece of this look is the medium wash belted trench denim jacket, from Maurices. The added length to the jacket adds to the skirt and makes for a smooth flow from top to bottom. And to finish this look off, converse-like tennis shoes from Target.

I love this outfit and it's the perfect start to an amazing spring! Just waiting for the spring showers to bring May flowers!

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