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Who would have thought that in 2020, we would be celebrating some of the most special moments of our lives distant from the ones that we love the most! However, just because we can't be with each other physically does not mean that we can't still be with each other in spirit.

'Wine With Me' wanted to take the time to acknowledge all of the mothers, those who are preparing to be mothers, those who would have been mothers, and to all of the rainbow mothers! We love you and appreciate you. Had it not been for the love and sacrifice of our mothers, many of us would not be where we are today. And to those who do not have their mother to celebrate this day with, my heart is with you. Reflect on the memories that you made with your mom and keep them close to your heart!

I would especially like to acknowledge my own mom, 'Mama June.' You are a jewel and a light to so many. Had it not been for your continuous sacrifice and your prayers, I would not be graduating this year! I love you to the moon and back, and I am forever dedicated to you! I would also like to acknowledge my grandmother, who is no longer with us, Bettie Jean. I love you, I miss you, and everything that I do is for you! Thank you...

"Behind all of your stories is always your mother's story, because hers is where yours began!"

Here are some amazing moms that we wanted to highlight. From your 'Wine With Me' family...To all of the mothers, expecting mothers, or those who would have been mothers... Happy Mother's Day!

"Loving you is cool, appreciation is even better. I’m grateful for the relationship we’re building, you’ve always had my best interest at heart and I’m glad to get to know you even deeper as we grow older. You support anything I do regardless of understanding the details, the impact, the movement, you just trust that I do well. I get my savage from you. My grind, my looks, my courage, my independence but I could have everything from you and still need you.️ You’ve been my only backbone a lot of times and I’m so grateful for them all. Always proud of you. Appreciative. I’m doing this for us. I love you and the world shall know."


“Happy Mother’s Day mommy 💕 I love and appreciate you so much and thank you for everything you’ve done to support and encourage me”


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